Wednesday, June 27, 2007

a little birdie told me...

that all paper patterns at Spotlight are 50% off, till 8 July! :)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

[twirly skirt]

Did this really quickly- form the top portion and run a ribbon through, and added lace to the bottom! This is the really cheap cotton prints i got the other day from textile centre.
Love how the stiffness of the lace trimming makes the skirt flouncy!
Here's the pics with model :

Saturday, June 23, 2007

[my 1st handquilted blanket]

is finally done! :)
Here's the pics:


we always had trouble differentiating our handtowels from our dishtowels. These are really cheap white towels from Ikea, lined with my new Amy Butler fabric..... no more confusion!!! :)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Dress for DD

From Kukyideas tutorial, I made this Sunny Day Dress for my daughter. The size was a bit too small for her. Guess she will outgrow the dress in a few months time. However, it is a good start to learn the tactic of shirring.

Personally, I find that it is good to look at the Sunny Day Dress Tutorial, by House on Hill Road, as the Kukyideas tutorial had only described briefly on tying of the loose end for the shirring. The House on Hill Road had provided a much better picture.

It is really interesting sewing this dress...guess will improvised on the next time round.

Little Girl's Dress

Here's my finished product for the 2nd challenge. I made a dress for my daughter. I made the pattern myself. I was inspired by the tie top tank and this tutorial on how to make a girl's dress from a pillowcase. This wasn't an old pillowcase just some fabric I bought from Joann's.

Yeah, she likes it! : )
I am also in the works for making a skirt for me. I'll hopefully finish that up tonight and post it soon.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

tie top tank tube tutorial

now, that's alliteration for you... haha.

anyway, great tutorial here by Belle Epoque. Check it out!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ready to go

Completed the exterior of the bag inspired from AB's chelsea bag. The lining was actually the bag I made couple of weeks ago that was also completed. I found harder interfacing so I decided to add to the 'old' bag with beautiful AB fabrics *My heart bled a little as I was cutting such pretty fabric*... It was not easy to sew with the layers of interfacing n fabric. Handle took me a while to figure out and to be precise so that both sides match. It required more sewing and ironing to make it neat.

But finally, after several nights of meticulous tacking and sewing, it's....

Ready to go!!!!!
See you on my next shopping trip with my AB Chelsea look-alike bag!!! kekeke *wink*

[WIP- funny bag]

Heh heh.... these are some WIP pics of a wierd looking bag form that i've been experimenting.
The interfacing i got really made the top portion VERY stiff! I think i might do a few button embellishments on the top and i've also got to think abt how to go abt holding this bag :) Any suggestions? (wrist strap?)
My colleague thinks it looks like a chef's hat.... haha....

Saturday, June 9, 2007

#2: Apparel

For our second sew-along, let's do something for ourselves or our loved ones! I'm talking about sewing apparel for your wardrobe, or if that sounds too intimidating, your kids' wardrobe! Or if you have no kids, how about your favorite doll or pet? :)

It can be anything, as long as it can be worn - think dresses, skirts, belts, pajamas, aprons, smocks, oven mitts, baby shoes, anything! Spotlight has plenty of paper patterns, or if you're not minded to fork out any dough for that, the Internet is a great resource! Or you could just put one of your favourite outfits onto tracing paper and trace the pattern out! :)

Here are some ideas to inspire you:

- Suzdeth's smock

- Kuky Idea's Tiered Skirt Tutorial

- House on Hill Road's Twirly Skirt Tutorial - I tried this, and now it's one of my daughter's favorite skirts! :)

- Sunny Day Dress Tutorial, also by House on Hill Road - the elastic shirring thread sells for like 4.99 in Spotlight, but I found it for 0.80 at an Ang Mo Kio haberdashery! You can also try this from Kuky Ideas

- The Longest Year's Oven Mitt Tutorial

- Creative Little Daisy's Belt Tutorial

- Blueprint's Elegant and Easy Dress

- Free downloadable patterns from Burda

- Nana's Reversible Apron by The Longest Year

- One More Moore's Valentine Apron

Have fun, everyone! I'm sure you will feel an immense sense of satisfaction after you're done! Do let us see all your lovely creations - with or without models (I know, cos my daughter some time refuses to wear what I make)! Post them on this blog by midnight, 1st July 2007!

Looking forward to everything!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Embellished Silk Bag

I made a bag, using leftover silk fabric from a dress I sewed years ago in Singapore. Coincidentally, I used the patchwork technique too. After 7 years, the dress still fits. You can also imagine how long I cling on to leftover fabric.

In keeping with the beading I did with the dress, I handstitched a necklace purchased specially for this project. I would've love to use the same beads but unfortunately, I don't have them anymore. It's fully lined with satin and has a press stud closure.

This is the dress and the beading in detail:

And this is what it looks like all put together.

Would anyone like to hazard a guess as to what I'm wearing next week?

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Ok, here's my 2nd patchwork project. Is a picnic mat measured 2m x 1.5m.

Thanks for looking!

coming up...

10th june is just round the corner! how fast time flies :) i'm really happy that all of you have participated in this sew-along, and I really love seeing all your projects (and drooling over the fabrics, of course)!

If anyone has any tutorials they'd like to share, please feel free to post here as well! Free resources are always welcomed.

Check back in the next couple of days for our next sew-along project!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

charlene's completed baby quilt

Here's my completed baby quilt blankie. I did not do the actual binding, too lazy :P but I quite like the end result. I have posted more pictures over at my blog.

I-Really-Need-Fabrics Patchwork!!!!

Bwahahaaaaa!!!! After seeing all of ur patchwork make me feel so small in this project. Cos I dun have the "right" fabric.

Nevertheless, I STILL managed to do up another patchwork. And I'm proud to say that it's the BIGGEST accomplishment in my crafts department.


Finished ProductClose up

Putting it to use.
Luckily I am exposed to cross-stitching and have fallen in love with it. O'wise this patchwork can kill me manz!!! Cos everything is done by hand. Even the lining. Yes!!!! My 1st "encounter" with lining. KOOL!!! Luckily my mum used to sew before she got married, thus can find some leftover linings in the store room.

Yes, this patchwork is a combination of 3 different crafts - cross-stitch, sewing and scrapbooking. Awesome manz!!!!

Thanks for Looking.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Patchwork Dog Collar

Yep, you read the title right - a dog collar! : )
I've been wanting to make my dog a sturdy collar so I figured why not try it with patchwork. I use mostly Amy Butler fabric. Here is the pre-collar picture.

I added interfacing to the back and did some extra stitching on the fabric to give it extra support and design. It has a D-ring attached for tags and a leash. Here's the finished product.

I even surprised myself on how well I think it turned out!

On a different patchwork note, I was going through this parenting magazine when I came upon a advertisement for the clothing store Janie & Jack. Look at this super cute patchwork dress with the ribbon around the top. I think I'm going to have to try to make this dress for my daughter. I have until June 10th, right?! : )