Saturday, June 9, 2007

#2: Apparel

For our second sew-along, let's do something for ourselves or our loved ones! I'm talking about sewing apparel for your wardrobe, or if that sounds too intimidating, your kids' wardrobe! Or if you have no kids, how about your favorite doll or pet? :)

It can be anything, as long as it can be worn - think dresses, skirts, belts, pajamas, aprons, smocks, oven mitts, baby shoes, anything! Spotlight has plenty of paper patterns, or if you're not minded to fork out any dough for that, the Internet is a great resource! Or you could just put one of your favourite outfits onto tracing paper and trace the pattern out! :)

Here are some ideas to inspire you:

- Suzdeth's smock

- Kuky Idea's Tiered Skirt Tutorial

- House on Hill Road's Twirly Skirt Tutorial - I tried this, and now it's one of my daughter's favorite skirts! :)

- Sunny Day Dress Tutorial, also by House on Hill Road - the elastic shirring thread sells for like 4.99 in Spotlight, but I found it for 0.80 at an Ang Mo Kio haberdashery! You can also try this from Kuky Ideas

- The Longest Year's Oven Mitt Tutorial

- Creative Little Daisy's Belt Tutorial

- Blueprint's Elegant and Easy Dress

- Free downloadable patterns from Burda

- Nana's Reversible Apron by The Longest Year

- One More Moore's Valentine Apron

Have fun, everyone! I'm sure you will feel an immense sense of satisfaction after you're done! Do let us see all your lovely creations - with or without models (I know, cos my daughter some time refuses to wear what I make)! Post them on this blog by midnight, 1st July 2007!

Looking forward to everything!


Agnes Tan said...

I'm gonna sit this one out. Cos I dun hv fabrics!! Bwahahaaaaa!!!

jacQ said...

o! i'm so inspired by everything here! I think i might do the belt - but make it into a headband?
O and i'm also still trying to figure out that blasted chelsea bag!!!! #$#@$#@% :P