Monday, June 18, 2007

Little Girl's Dress

Here's my finished product for the 2nd challenge. I made a dress for my daughter. I made the pattern myself. I was inspired by the tie top tank and this tutorial on how to make a girl's dress from a pillowcase. This wasn't an old pillowcase just some fabric I bought from Joann's.

Yeah, she likes it! : )
I am also in the works for making a skirt for me. I'll hopefully finish that up tonight and post it soon.


The Jen said...

Beautiful dress and excellent fashion model. ~jen~

lynntan said...

so beautiful..what an ingenius idea to convert a pillow case to a dress.

jacQ said...

O! So cute! :) cool idea abt the pillow case! your model is GORGEOUS!!!

Scrappy Days said...

Wow! I love the colours!! Stunning!!