Wednesday, May 23, 2007

#1: Patchwork Fun - 10 June 2007

Looks like we have quite a sizeable number of crafty ladies joining us, so let's get started! :)

Sew-Along #1 will have a patchwork theme. Gather your fabric scraps, inject some creativity, and do something patchwork related! For myself, it'll be something rather attainable - a set of patchwork coasters, placemats, table runners - you get the drift. A patchwork quilt is also possible - if you're up to it, why not? :)

Here are some gorgeous links to inspire you for this first sew-along!

- The Purl Bee : Party Prep Coasters

- Quilted coasters by Julie Ree

- Silk Table Runner by Pamela Tang

- Handmade Coasters by AllButtonedUp

- Patchwork Floor Mat by Little Birds

- Patchwork Rug by SouleMama

- Patchwork Placemats by Kalurah, Amandasan & Kron Mama

- Aichaku's Placemats on Whip Up

- Kelly McCaleb's Baby Quilt Tutorial : this one has instructions on how to bind a quilt.

Please post all your completed patchworks of art by midnight, Sunday, 10th June 2007! If you need more time, please feel free to go ahead and do so and if you feel totally inspired, and want to do more than one project, please do! :) I hope no one feels pressurised or stressed by this, because you aren't supposed to feel that way!

If anyone has any questions, do let me know - it's the first time I'm doing it too, so let's learn together and have fun!

Ready, set, go!


Lina said...

10 June..?! Oh my!

Scrappy Days said...

Alright! I'm set to go!

est said...

may i ask a q here/? what's the difference between quilt and patchwork? because from the examples you'd given i could't spot any differences. please help!

Mel said...

Hi est

I'm no expert, but here's my take on the difference. Patchwork refers to the piecing of scraps of cloth to form one collective piece, whereas quilting would necessarily include some batting or wadding between 2 layers of cloth - need not necessarily be patchworked. E.g. you could have a quilted jacket that does not involve patchwork. On the other hand you could have a patchwork quilt. Hope i'm making sense...

Mel said...

That wasn't clear at all! Maybe better to say that 'quilt' refers to an object (e.g. the quilt on the bed) whereas quilting is a process.

I, for one, did patchwork blankets a looong time ago, but they were never quilts.

jacQ said...

yay! :) i'm going to embark on my next quilted project soon! Thanks for the headsup! Shall we also post 'wip' shots???

est said...

thanks for the info mel!

Mel said...

yes sure! WIP shots would be fun! :D

Edleen said...'ll be a first for me but i SHALL try! :D